Filme 2023

23. Juni 2023

  1. Petrushka / ELENA Aron Weis IULINA, Kseniia Aron Weis Nishchik / Russia (Fiction)
  2. Für Lilith “ლილიტს” / Mariam Elene Gomelauri / Georgia (Documentary) 
  3. Household Porn / Inés Labarrère Ventroni / Argentina (Animation)
  4. Unnamed / Iranmehr Salimi / Iran (Documentary)
  5. Baby Paradise TV / Anna Valeska Pohl / Germany (Experimental) 18+
  6. Prrrr-eakfast in Bed / Grey Anderson / USA (Animation)

24. Juni 2023

  1. Váter-Casa-Violín "Toilet-Home-Violin" / Laura Suárez Fernández / Spain (Documentary)
  2. Gambit / Naime Pakniyat / Iran (Animation)
  3. Swimming Lesson / Vardit Goldner / Israel (Fiction)
  4. The Path of Ghosts / Hasti Setare Karimi / Austria (Fiction)
  5. MoM / Valentina Salvagno / Italy (Experimental)
  6. 我可以自己玩ㄌㄚˋ "I Can Play ALONE" / Guan-Ying Hu, Siou-Huei Lai, Lee Nga Sze / Taiwan (Animation)
  7. Prima / Daria Vorobeva / Russia (Fiction)

Filme am 23. Juni 2023 Ab 19:30

Petrushka (13 min 30 s)

Elena Aron Weis Iulina, Kseniia Aron Weis Nishchik / Russia (Fiction)

A girl meets a mysterious stranger at her father's grave and suddenly feels an inexplicable attraction to her. However, it seems that the stranger brings not only passion to the beloved's house, but also a kind of "shadow", which has a different view of their union. But is it for sure that this "shadow" came to the house with a stranger, or did falling in love become the catalyst for its release?

Für Lilith / ლილიტს (10 min 00 s)

Mariam Elene Gomelauri / Georgia (Documentary)

In the hands of a young filmmaker, a handycam primarily used for homemade family movies, transforms into a tool for self-reflection. Compilations of personal archives and images from the subconscious prompt us to embark on a journey of reexamining their gender-identity formation in a conservative, post-soviet Republic of Georgia.

Household Porn (1 min 52 s)

Inés Labarrère Ventroni / Argentina (Animation)

At the end of a long, tiresome day of quarantine isolation, Carla tries to overcome both boredom and cabin fever from being cooped up in her little apartment. The year is 2020 and the most promising idea is to masturbate. Finding visual stimuli and setting the mood is a great start, but her plans are disrupted once the domestic appliances turn on and start harassing her.

Baby Paradise TV (12 min 24 s)

Anna Valeska Pohl / Germany (Experimental) / 18+

A cam girl presents dollhouse nightmares from a perspective of a "Barbie-Land-gone-wrong", a feminist take on "daddy's darkest fantasies" via a doll cam aesthetic.

Purr-eakfast in bed (2 min 3 sec)

Grey Anderson / USA (Animation)

Purr-eakfast in bed is a short about love, food, and sleeping in.

Unnamed (13 min 30 s)

Iranmehr Salimi / Iran (Documentary)

The film observes the life of Zainab who is a transgender volleyball player, forced to play in a women’s league. Zainab wants to transition but if he does, he will not be able to play volleyball professionally again. 

Filme am 24. Juni 2023 Ab 19:30

Váter-Casa-Violín (9 min 00 s)

Laura Suárez Fernández / Spain (Documentary)

Joseba Olazabal, known as 'the highway violinist', has been protesting for 7 years against the noise that the AP-8 highway generates at the doors of his house. But this has already been headline in the news hundreds of times.

To get away from the noise of the trucks and in an attempt to discover the hidden side of Joseba Olazabal, VÁTER-CASA-VIOLÍN plays with the pieces of his life to reveal the puzzle that this protest hides.

Gambit (3 min 16 s)

Naime Pakniyat / Iran (Animation)

Gambit illustrates how things go awry in a peaceful village with the sudden death of a pigeon. As the people turn crueler, the pixels grow coarser.

Swimming Lesson (5 min 18 s)

Vardit Goldner / Israel (Fiction)

A mockumentary film in which Bedouin girls are taught to swim in a waterless “pool”, ‘Swimming Lesson’ aims to stimulate thought about the lack of swimming pools accessible to Bedouins in Israel, actually denying them swimming lessons and causing frequent cases of drowning in the sea.

The path of Ghosts (9 min 37 s)

Hasti Setare Karimi / Austria (Fiction)

Setare is a refugee from Afghanistan who has made the whole route to her destination alone. However, the events have a serious impact on Setare. She dreams of her home and journey -- mostly nightmares. 
An authentic experience of being a refugee is presented here, it takes many on this path full of dangers, but above all it shows us the other side, what happens to those who reach the destiny.

I Can Play ALONE (4 min 2 s)

Guan-Ying Hu, Siou-Huei Lai, Lee Nga Sze / Taiwan (Animation)

Everyone went home, but the two little boys stayed in the park...

MoM (Magic or Mournfulness) (3 min 58 s)

Valentina Salvagno / Italy (Experimental)

A woman, although biologically capable of generating life, is not naturally inclined to be a mother. MoM Magic or Mournfulness is an attempt to deconstruct the naturalistic stereotype of motherhood and return it to the viewer in its disorienting, generative and destructive power.

Prima (14 min 48 s)

Daria Vorobeva / Russia (Fiction)

A ballet dancer tries to come back to being on stage after a car crash by proving her worth to an art director of a theatre where the main part was given to her best friend.

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