Re-Frame - Screenings Day 1

Mittwoch, 5. Juni, 19 Uhr Stand 129, Viktor Adler Markt

Re-Frame - Screenings Day 1

Re-Frame: Debut Film Festival Vienna is devoted to showing debut short films by up-and-coming FLINTA* filmmakers, and is organized by (ex)-volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps program at Stand 129. The festival concentrates on low-budget independent projects (movies with a budget of under EUR 7,500) in order to offer a stage for creative experimentation and non-traditional narrative techniques.

The 2nd edition of the festival is taking place from 5th to 8th June 2024, offering everyone workshops on filmmaking, queer stand-up comedy and 28 international debut shorts from all over the world.

Screenings including Q&A - Day 1
  1. Belonging and The scene
  2. Rosetta's Lucky House
  3. A Cup of Coffee?
  5. Three Rooms
  6. Diepfries

Belonging and The scene

Director: Monica Dhaka / Documentary/ United Kingdom

Breaking boundaries, demystifying stereotypes and highlighting the lesser-known facts around the fetish community through the intimate story told by Dutch Pup Momo. The documentary aims to help people understand that 'kink' is a journey. While it may have an unconventional outer appearance, the film shows an unseen human side of this community to remind everyone that they are people too, with feelings and dreams just like anyone thus breaking the labels society has given them as freaks, perverts, or outcasts.

Rosetta's Lucky House

Directors Mary Rose McClain, Emma Dollery / Fiction / United States

Rosetta’s Lucky House brims with love and charm. Demonstrating three superstitions that she brought with her from Sicily to America in 1955, Grandma Rosetta invites the Goddess Fortuna over for a glass of wine and to stay a while.

Shot in Emma’s Montreal apartment, which is now also lucky, the film is set in a delicate space between myth, memory, and reality. The tapestry of classic Super 8 textures, as well as Domenico Modungno’s shimmering 1959 Eurovision hit, mirror the timelessness of the magic displayed: you too, could have a lucky home… if you follow Rosetta’s advice.

A Cup of Coffee? (Wolln's an Kaffee?)

Director Magdalena Steiner / Fiction / Austria

A GIS employee is just trying to do his job, but the old lady whose door he knocks on breaks his work routine.


Directors Anna Zrenner, Lea Gugler / Fiction / Germany

Ethel arrives unexpectedly at Alice's door. She introduces herself as an acquaintance of Alice's flatmate Joe, who is out of town and is said to have offered Ethel his room for the night. Alice and Ethel spontaneously spend the day together, moving through the city and getting to know each other. At some point, however, Alice discovers that Ethel is stranger than she thinks.

Three Rooms

Director Andrea Lopez / Documentary / Canada

Three Rooms explores the relationship between mundane living spaces and personal identity through the lens of three Canadian Immigrants in search of a place to call home.

Diepfries - International/Austrian Premiere

Director Sibrich Wijnia / Documentary / Netherlands

The Frisians and the outsiders. Throughout history, the Frisians have protected their culture and community with their most powerful weapon, the Frisian language. But as borders become increasingly blurred, a gray area remains. What makes a Frisian a Frisian? Two sides share their perspectives on the Frisians. The proud Frisians and the stubborn Hollanders. A young Frisian filmmaker steps out from behind the camera and finds herself in the midst of these two groups, searching for her own place in the world.

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