Re-Frame - Screenings Day 4

Samstag, 8. Juni, 19:30 Uhr Stand 129, Viktor Adler Markt

Re-Frame - Screenings Day 4

Re-Frame: Debut Film Festival Vienna is devoted to showing debut short films by up-and-coming FLINTA* filmmakers, and is organized by (ex)-volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps program at Stand 129. The festival concentrates on low-budget independent projects (movies with a budget of under EUR 7,500) in order to offer a stage for creative experimentation and non-traditional narrative techniques.

The 2nd edition of the festival is taking place from 5th to 8th June 2024, offering everyone workshops on filmmaking, queer stand-up comedy and 28 international debut shorts from all over the world.

Screenings including Q&A - Day 4
  1. ¡Ay! Cordero
  2. Where the Birds Cry
  3. My childhood friend
  5. Dangling in Space
  6. Oyum
  7. On the last day of Navarathri

¡Ay! Cordero

Directors Agustina Akman, Cielo Iturralde Carrera, Mercedes Maudet / Fiction / Argentina
TW: raw meat

The repression of desire is portrayed in a being inhabited by a duality present in everyday life, a young butcher who explores his femininity surrounded by blood, death and violence.

Where the Birds Cry

Director Jakub Andrzej Wenda / Fiction / Poland

14-year-old Szymon lives in a seaside village. The boy is experiencing one of the most turbulent stages in his life-puberty. He spends his holidays traveling with his finger across a globe, looking for a safari, walking on the beach or meeting his friends. The boy's monotonous life is being disrupted by an unexpected visit from his childhood friend. From that moment on, the boy develops the need to explore his sexuality. Seemingly ordinary meeting on a cliff turns into his first summer romance.

My childhood friend

Director Maïté Lottin / Fiction / France

Paris, 2023, two friends are talking about the question of becoming a mother.


Director Miriam N Delgado López / Documentary / Mexico

A brief reflection on my dad's struggle with multiple myeloma (a type of cancer in the blood) and overall, a reflection about life.

Dangling in Space (Una corda lligada en l’espai)

Director Ingrid Ferrer Homs / Documentary / Spain

Short documentary filmed in S8 about my grandfather Josep and her friend Montserrat, the bell ringers from the parish church of Granollers de la Plana (Gurb, Catalonia)


Director Aidai Askarova / Documentary / Kyrgyzstan

The film attempts to show the spiritual world of carpet weaving - an ancient kind of craft of the nomadic people, passed down from generation to generation. Beliefs, thoughts, the process and the artistry of this case are revealed in the film "Oyum", which is a play on words and translate from Kyrgyz language as "my thoughts", as well as ornaments, patterns with which nomads decorate carpets and more. In the absence of the usual literary monologue, all the director's decisions lie in a purely visual sphere.

On the last day of Navarathri

Director Aarya Kalyansunder / Animated / India

On the final day of Navarathri, a divine doll must face the fearsome fate that awaits her.

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