Re-Frame - Screenings Day 3

Freitag, 7. Juni, 19:45 Uhr Stand 129, Viktor Adler Markt

Re-Frame - Screenings Day 3

Re-Frame: Debut Film Festival Vienna is devoted to showing debut short films by up-and-coming FLINTA* filmmakers, and is organized by (ex)-volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps program at Stand 129. The festival concentrates on low-budget independent projects (movies with a budget of under EUR 7,500) in order to offer a stage for creative experimentation and non-traditional narrative techniques.

The 2nd edition of the festival is taking place from 5th to 8th June 2024, offering everyone workshops on filmmaking, queer stand-up comedy and 28 international debut shorts from all over the world.

Screenings including Q&A - Day 3
  1. What's for Dinner?
  2. Cannot sleep!
  3. Tamagoyaki
  4. what the others think
  5. She Flies Asunder
  6. Not Your Babe
  7. Toranj

What's for Dinner?

Director Maja Górczak / Documentary / Czech Republic

A young family decides what to have for dinner. They have to deal with unexpected difficulties while trying to get the right ingredients for the long-awaited pancakes.

Cannot sleep!

Director Yingjie Zhou / Animation / Japan
TW: strobe lights

Sleep in the same state as before. A wonderful and magical economic experiment where one's head changes and one's head falls. Finally, the appearance of the image is reduced.


Director Meg Igarashi / Fiction / United Kingdom

When Aya moves to the UK from Japan, she slowly starts to realize the cultural differences in love and affection that make her start to question if she is loved by her mom.

what the others think (Was die andern denken)

Director Anita Moresi / Fiction / Switzerland

Lara loves Martha. The only things standing between their happiness are Lara's boyfriend, Martha's children and 20 years of life experience. And the question: Should the opinion of others stand in the way of one's own happiness?

She Flies Asunder

Director Ella Shea / Animation / United States
TW: abuse

Inspired by some of the stories I have heard from female flying trapeze artists working in traditional circus, She Flies Asunder showcases the dichotomy between the strong, powerful women who fly on the trapeze and the toxic environment that is created within the team.

Not Your Babe

Director Lucrezia Dal Toso / Fiction / Germany

Two girls stop at a gas station by night and face abuses from the owner of the place.


Director Tina Ahmadi Krol / Fiction / Iran

During the protests of 2022 in Iran, a mother is trying to save her daughter’s life who has been shot and keep her younger daughter safe, while the police are doing everything in their power to arrest them.

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