Re-Frame - Screenings Day 2

Donnerstag, 6. Juni, 19 Uhr Stand 129, Viktor Adler Markt

Re-Frame - Screenings Day 2

Re-Frame: Debut Film Festival Vienna is devoted to showing debut short films by up-and-coming FLINTA* filmmakers, and is organized by (ex)-volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps program at Stand 129. The festival concentrates on low-budget independent projects (movies with a budget of under EUR 7,500) in order to offer a stage for creative experimentation and non-traditional narrative techniques.

The 2nd edition of the festival is taking place from 5th to 8th June 2024, offering everyone workshops on filmmaking, queer stand-up comedy and 28 international debut shorts from all over the world.

Screenings including Q&A - Day 2
  1. Days of Rain
  2. Pull The Plug
  4. Eight Steps
  5. Memories In Bloom
  6. Walk Right Into It
  7. Under the Debris
  8. Fishbone of time

Days of rain (Días de lluvia)

Director Ainara Iungman / Fiction / Argentina

Roberto is doing construction fixings in his backyard when the concrete’s ground breaks and he suddenly falls down a hole. Consequently, his wife Graciela and his adult children Camila and Emanuel try to save him. During the course of the day, they can’t seem to get help due to a hydric meteorological crisis in the city, and the ceaseless rain aggravates the situation. Then is when they must decide how to act; therefore, they find a space of reflection that will lead them to confess their long time family issues.

Pull The Plug

Directors Adèle Fisch, Carlotta Steckner / Animation / Netherlands

Greg, a lonely nursing home resident, believes himself to be in a conspiracy, and is ready to go to great lengths to make sure his identity remains hidden.


Director Julia Łepkowska / Fiction / Poland
TW: suicidal thoughts

A therapy session showing a series of strange and sad events in the character’s life.

Eight Steps (Ocho pasos)

Director Alexandra Croitoriu / Fiction / Spain

Adela, a lady with a lot of charm, has always been a big fan of dancing pasodobles and even more if it is with her José. But this year, in the village festivities there is something that prevents her from dancing.

Memories In Bloom

Directors Yoanna Koleva, Evelijn Neefjes / Animation / Netherlands

A young woman goes to clean her deceased grandma’s house. By discovering different objects in the house, she enters a journey through memories which helps her let go of her grief.

Walk Right Into It

Director Patricia Martini Daly / Animation / United States

A girl with her headphones on a walk.

Under the Debris

Director Derya Satir / Documentary / Austria

"Under the Debris" is a short photography film about waiting for the unknown and being trapped in the fear of losing loved ones, derived from the earthquake happened near the eastern border of Turkey in February, 2023. The film focuses on the experience of being unable to contact those enduring a catastrophe and the desperation of waiting helplessly. It's an ode to everyone whose loved ones live in an unsafe environment.

Fishbone of time

Director Zuzanna Szor / Animation / Poland

A short film about being late and fear of passing the time.

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